Stories centering around specific anti-fairies.


Meet the Anti-Fairies

Anti-Cosmo stories:

Anti-Wanda stories:

Foop stories:

Anti-Sparky stories:

Anti-Goldie stories:

Pentrenellisytheniso stories:

Callie stories:

Callie Meets her Idol

Anti-fairy Callie travels back in time to meet Zhan Tiri, her greatest idol. They become fast friends and scheme to tear apart the world.

Anti-Blonda stories:

Anti-Snozmo stories:

Anti-Angel stories:

Anti-Cupid stories:

Anti-Jorgen stories:

Anti-Jorgen's Crushing Rejection

When Anti-Jorgen tells Zhan Tiri how he feels about her, she rejects him, which crushes him.

Anti-Juandissimo stories:

Raven stories:

Darko stories:

Anti-Fairy Council stories:

Anti-Mama Cosma stories:

Anti-Papa Cosma stories:

Anti-Big Daddy stories:

Anti-Mama Fairywinkle stories:

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