Magic wands are the basic source of magic every fairy and anti fairy needs to grant wishes.


The wands come in many different forms; an anti fairy wand that's black all over, a fairy wand that has a yellow star, Jorgen's wand is a bigger, more powerful version of the fairy wand, a fairy baby's source of magic is a tiny rattle with a common design - Poof's is purple with a star, then lastly, an anti fairy baby's source of magic is a baby bottle with a common feature - Foop's is a bottle with water inside with blue bat wings.

How to use them:

When you use a magic wand, you need to follow these three steps:

  1. Never lose your wand - chaos will happen if you do!
  2. You can't use your wand for evil purposes (though Jorgen and Anti Cupid always try!) and
  3. Don't get them dirty - the magic may be clogged with dirt if that happens.

Plus you can do so much with the wands such as grant wishes, getting powers in the wand, destroying any evil/ignorant enemy, and even rule the world!


  • Anti fairies' wands are the most powerful, next to Jorgen's big wand.
  • Jorgen always uses his wand to intimidate others.
  • You are able to drink out of the baby bottle wand - though I don't recommend it.
  • The fairy wands are the weakest of all the wands.
  • The baby bottle wand is the strongest out of the baby magic items.