Magic wands are the basic source of magic every fairy and anti fairy needs to grant wishes.


The wands come in many different forms; an anti fairy wand that's black all over, a fairy wand that has a yellow star, Jorgen's wand is a bigger, more powerful version of the fairy wand, a fairy baby's source of magic is a tiny rattle with a common design - Poof's is purple with a star, then lastly, an anti fairy baby's source of magic is a baby bottle with a common feature - Foop's is a bottle with water inside with blue bat wings.


  • Anti fairies' wands are the most powerful, next to Jorgen's big wand.
  • Jorgen always uses his wand to intimidate others.
  • You are able to drink out of the baby bottle wand - though I don't recommend it.
  • The fairy wands are the weakest of all the wands.
  • The baby bottle wand is the strongest out of the baby magic items.
  • Poof kept his fairy rattle when he became human.
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