Mama Cosma is Cosmo & Snozmo's mom.

Background & History

Mama Cosma started out being just a typical kid, but she always was very dumb and airheady. She never cared about her looks and would eat in stress. She fixed most her bad habits before she married Papa Cosma. She and Papa Cosma had Snozmo first, and then Cosmo. Cosmo blew up her whole house when he was first born. She always favored him more than Snozmo, though. She was super overprotective and hates that Cosmo married Wanda, since she knew a mean girl in high school who looked like Wanda.

Personality & Appearance

She isn't keen on lying, but sometimes lies herself. She is very overprotective and rigid with her sons, and sometimes unfairly disciplined them, especially Cosmo - since Snozmo blamed Cosmo a lot. She was pretty cool, nonetheless, and would take time off from work to spend with her sons.

Mama Cosma is a short, curvy fairy with curly on the top green hair. She wears a teal dress with purple shoes and triangle earrings. She is pretty attractive for her age.


  • She used to be very smart in high school, but lost some brain cells when she got married.
  • She divorced Papa Cosma just for lying - her biggest pet-peeve.
  • She was Levi's fairy godmother.
  • She is very similar to a nice Bridget in Mighty Med, Kimmy Gibbler in Fuller House, and Mrs. Benson from iCarly.
  • She never wants to be wrong, even though she is most of the time.