Mama Cosma is the counterpart of Anti-Mama Cosma.

 Character Info:

Mama Cosma is Cosmo and Snozmo's mother. She is often overbearing and overprotective, and despises Wanda for marrying Cosmo, as well as Snozmo's dishonest habits. She can be rather clingy to Cosmo and never wanted him to leave her.


Mama Cosma is your typical overprotective mother. She's very clingy, obsessive, and neurotic, but is overall a good mother who loves both of her sons. She is also very honest, which is why she's ashamed of Snozmo and his lies all the time.


  • She sometimes plans to split up Cosmo and Wanda.
  • She is obsessed with keeping a tidy home.
  • She likes baking cookies in her spare time.
  • She hates Snozmo's lying and often tried to eradicate it in Snozmo's childhood.
  • She considers Cosmo to be her favorite son.
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