Mama Fairywinkle is Wanda & Blonda's mom.

Background & History

Mama Fairywinkle always spoiled Blonda & Wanda. She started out as a humble country girl, but when she married her high school sweetheart, the very rich Big Daddy, she changed instantly from cute country bumpkin to a flashy, airheady supernova. She decided she doesn't like meat anymore and became a vegetarian. She married Big Daddy straight after college and had Wanda first, then Blonda.

Personality & Appearance

Mama Fairywinkle is very snobby and can be stubborn. She loves material items and hates aging, even though it happens. She was very popular in high school. She is super naive, much like Wanda and Blonda. She always attempts to pursue acting and singing, but she never gets far.

She is a tall fairy with long pink hair. She is very into her appearance, proven when she buys extravagant dresses and heels. She has the typical fairy crown and wings.

Fun Facts

  • She thinks money is the most important thing in the world.
  • She didn't have many true friends in high school - they just liked her cause of her rich boyfriend.
  • She is similar to Regina George's mom in Mean Girls, a nice Priscilla in Violetta, a nice Mother Gothel from Tangled, and Amy Duncan in Good Luck Charlie.
  • She used to smoke a lot in high school, but quit when she found it wrecking her good looks.