Mama Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Anti-Mama Fairywinkle.

 Character Info:

Mama Fairywinkle is Wanda and Blonda's mother. She and Big Daddy were originally very close, until he ditched her for his trash collecting business. She was a very good mother to both Wanda and Blonda, and taught them basic life skills and cared for them very much. She was pretty fair, yet got very mad at Big Daddy for abandoning her for his job.


Mama Fairywinkle is much like both of her daughters. She's very fair and loving, yet can be vain and selfish. She is very compassionate and likes to do the right thing.


  • She likes to keep a tidy home.
  • She loves both of her daughters.
  • She's very caring to all.
  • She can be very demanding, but is sweet.
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