Papa Cosma is the counterpart of Anti-Papa Cosma.

 Character Info:

Papa Cosma is Cosmo and Snozmo's father. He is very much like both of his sons. He is very quirky and selfless. He liked playing games with his sons when they were kids. He got turned into a fly by Jorgen for neglecting to follow Da Rules and hasn't been seen since.


Papa Cosma is a very fun-loving dad and is nothing like his ex-wife, Mama Cosma. He is somewhat ditzy and gullible, like Cosmo, but is smarter and is a very good chef. He is also very charitable and generous, and likes helping others.


  • He is easily intimidated.
  • He doesn't like Mama Cosma's clinginess with their sons.
  • He can be very philosophical, but doesn't understand a whole lot.
  • Cosmo was the closest to him.
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