Papa Cosma is Cosmo & Snozmo's father.

Background & History

Papa Cosma started out being bored of his life until he met Mama Cosma. He was very lonely in school, until he met her, too. He got married to her after high school and was the one to give birth to Cosmo & Snozmo, since all fairy males do. He got divorced by Mama Cosma a while ago, but they still hang around each other occasionally.

Personality & Appearance

He has the same personality of both Cosmo and Snozmo. He is very dumb and ditzy like Cosmo, and lies a lot like Snozmo. He has some of his own traits, and he's not as dumb as Cosmo, which is good.

He looks like Cosmo, with the green hair and eyes. He wears a top similar to Anti Cosmo's, and wears eyeglasses. He has the typical crown and wings like most fairies.


  • He is very funny and tells hilarious stories.
  • He likes to document his son's life.
  • He isn't too close to Poof, but they do like each other.
  • He was Levi's fairy godfather.
  • He is similar to Joey in Full House, Fred & George in Harry Potter, and Donald Davenport in Lab Rats.