Pentrenellisytheniso "Pentre" Cosma is Junior's counterpart.

 Character Info:

Pentrenellisytheniso is Foop and Goldie's son. He takes after his dad quite a bit. He can be very devious and mischievous. He wants to rule the world and commonly causes trouble.


He inherits a lot from Foop, the most significant being his personality. He can be very ruthless, devious, and incredibly cunning, but he is also a good person who cares a lot about his friends. He can get pretty irritable, especially when it comes to his abnormally long name.


  • He hates his name and wants it changed.
  • Like Foop, Pentre also wants to rule the world.
  • He and his father are very close.
  • He can be very manipulative sometimes.
  • He likes making Junior suffer.
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