Poof is the first fairy baby born since a thousand years.

Background & History

Poof was born due to a wish by Timmy. He was born on February 18th, 2008. Timmy wished for Cosmo and Wanda to have a baby, not knowing Cosmo would be the one giving birth! Anti Cosmo and the Pixies wanted to care for Poof away from the nonsense that Cosmo is, but their plan got foiled by Timmy, Jorgen, Cosmo, & Wanda who fed burritos to Poof to make him fart and blow up the world, just to get Poof back. Anti Cosmo & the Pixies were later eaten by Jorgen, who turned them into raisins.

Since then, Poof has been a very famous and popular baby. Foop, his best friend, later wanted destroy Poof as Poof got all the attention and Foop didn't.

Personality & Appearance

There's not much to say about Poof since he doesn't talk in real words. He is very dumb, gullible, and naive. He is very self centered, proven when he voted for himself numerous times on the election day at school. He is sort of aggressive, proven when he gave Foop a wedgie. He isn't very bright and can't speak - only saying "Poof, Poof!" as his communication.

He is a round baby with purple hair and eyelashes. He wears purple footie pajamas and has the typical crown and wings. He uses a baby rattle to grant wishes.

Fun Facts

  • Poof wants to learn how to talk.
  • He got very close to fully talking and actually said a few words in the Fairly Odd Parents episodes "School of Crock" and "Fairly Odd Fairy Tales", but that turned out to be a prank, as he never spoke again, except in "Certifiable Super Sitter" where he just did every popular male celebrity impression ever known.
  • He is very needy and cries all the time.
  • When he cries, bad things happen, unlike Foop crying makes good things happen.
  • People who don't know him assume he's a girl, based on how he looks.
  • He isn't very nice.
  • As a teenager, Poof would speak in full sentences, but still be very dumb and naive.
  • He is very similar to Anti Timmy's naive "friend", Sara, Lily & Leon in the Loud House, Bebe & CeCe in the Proud Family, and Ferb in Phineas & Ferb, as they all are very silent like Poof is.
  • Poof became evil during the terrible twos.
    • His evil persona was similar to Godzilla or a chain chomp.