Raven Glowgolden-Goldenglow is the counterpart of Butterfly.

 Character Info:

Raven is Anti-Goldie's mother. She has a pretty opposite personality to Butterfly, yet has some of the same traits. She can be a little overprotective and neurotic. She likes helping others, but is more concerned with finding her own destiny and taking what's hers. She is still alive because Binky cryogenically froze her and Darko when Jorgen killed Butterfly and Golden.


Raven is very different from Butterfly. She's intelligent, but often lacks common sense and goes overboard with keeping others safe, which drove Darko away from her. She is also rather scared of Anti-Goldie and wants to keep her distance from her daughter mostly, yet loves her deeply and can't imagine anything happening to her.


  • She is pretty selfless, yet can be selfish.
  • She loves her daughter a lot, yet fears her.
  • She doesn't like Darko for leaving her.
  • She hates Jorgen cause of him harassing the other anti-fairies and fairies.
  • She remains an anti-fairy and hides in Pixie World away from Jorgen and Darko.
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