Snozmo Fairywinkle-Cosma is the counterpart of Anti-Snozmo.

 Character Info:

Snozmo is Cosmo's older brother who is a lying, dishonest con-man. He often lies to people and tricks them into things. He once pretended to be a spy to trick Cosmo. Though he lies a lot, he's compassionate and cares a lot about his brother. He is also a good dad to Angel, but often lies to her.


Snozmo is pretty much the opposite of Cosmo. He's pretty smart, deceitful, and manipulative. He likes bending the truth to suit his needs, unaware how that'd hurt someone, especially his brother. He is very interested in spy movies and often pretends he's a secret agent to impress others.


  • He often pretends certain people are his friends, to get something out of them.
  • He is very untrustworthy.
  • He likes playing with other's emotions.
  • He doesn't like Cosmo sometimes, but they can often be seen coming together.
  • Mama Cosma isn't pleased with him, so much she pretends he doesn't exist.
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