Snozmo is Cosmo's brother.

Background & History

Snozmo was born 1 year before Cosmo. He was always the dishonest kid causing trouble and hiding everything. His parents never approved of Cosmo becoming close to Snozmo as he'd lie about everything. He went to Spellementary school, and cut all his classes, much like Cosmo. He was very dishonest, and he had no friends. He dated Blonda during high school, and eventually married her due to a lie he told of actually having a wife when he didn't. He went to jail due to stealing money and lying during the trial. He got banished from Mama Cosma's house.

Personality & Appearance

Snozmo is really dishonest and manipulative. He tends to pull the wool over people's eyes and trick them. He hates if people are honest with him. He is a very good actor as he can pretend to be another person (even made-up people) very well. He is very shifty and shady, and has done illegal things in the past. He is a huge con man who even once pretended he was a super spy! No one really fell for it, except his dumb, gullible brother.

Snozmo has green bushy hair. He has the typical fairy wings and crown. He wears a fancy tuxedo most of the time.

Fun Facts

  • Snozmo is pretty nice, but he never admits to anything.
  • He is super dishonest, making him lose many of his old friends.
  • Wanda doesn't trust him, neither does his own parents!
  • Cosmo thinks he can do no harm.
  • He's similar to a nice Vicky, Bill Clinton, & Pinnochio.