Sparky is the fairy counterpart of Anti-Sparky.

 Character Info:

Sparky is a hyperactive fairy dog that became Timmy Turner's pet. He was adopted by Timmy, who wanted a dog after realizing everyone in Dimmsdale had a pet but him, but as he was banned from all the pet stores of the town, he had to adopt a dog from Fairy World. He later got adopted by Poof and Goldie when he became a regular dog.


Sparky is a cheerful fairy dog but is saddened, due to most of the people who adopt him being forced to take him back due to his craziness. He often is seen chewing and digging and running around, sometimes causing trouble for both his owner(s) and others, such as their family members and the people that live in the same town.


  • Sparky was also abused by Jorgen in the Fairy World pet shop and had to work with Anti-Sparky to stand up to Jorgen.
  • He is a very wild and crazy dog, but he means well.
  • He is very hyperactive and sometimes causes trouble for others.
  • He isn't too bright.
  • As a regular dog, he doesn't speak, but instead barks very loudly.
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