Sparky is a fairy dog from the Fairy World Pet Shop.

Background & History

Sparky was adopted and raised by many different people. He was abused by a young Mr. Crocker, and was even kidnapped a few times. Sparky lived a rough life, and became super dumb and naive to try to make himself feel better. He could talk due to a magical spell his previous owner before Timmy cast, as she was a witch.

Personality & Appearance

Sparky is very dumb and foolish. He likes to do zany and freaky things. He has some shady and suspicious behaviors, usually trying to cover up his own messed up past. He isn't very nice, and doesn't like meeting new people or animals. He hates cats, even nice ones like Anti Timmy's pet cats, Bella, Pumpkin, and Sweetpea. He is very ignorant and only plays by one rule (Da Rules).

He is an orange dog with bushy orange hair, blue/brown eyes, and a big blue nose. He has the typical fairy crown and wings, and a magic star on his tail to grant wishes.

Fun Facts

  • He's not in Season 10 of Fairly Odd Parents due to too many haters.
  • He is just like a stereotypical dog.
  • He is very smelly at times.
  • He picks up weird things in the yard.
  • He buries random things in his sleep.
  • He isn't too bright, even though he can talk.
  • He's similar to Stan from Dog with a Blog and Charles in the Loud House, much like Anti Sparky.