Wanda is the fairy counterpart to Anti Wanda.

Background & History

Wanda was born on February 16th 1972. Her parents are Big Daddy & Mama Fairywinkle. She went to Spellementary school, much like Cosmo. She went on to high school, but unlike Cosmo, she never ditched and was pretty attentive in her classes. She never got A's, instead she failed everything and wanted Cosmo as a tutor (even though he can't even spell the word tutor) She eventually fell in love with Cosmo as he was bussing tables, and failing at that. She looked past all his flaws, but she eventually got blinded by love. She got married to Cosmo and ended up following him everywhere since then.

Personality & Appearance

Wanda is a "lovable" airhead. She likes chocolate, much like Anti Wanda, but she doesn't like it at the same time. She is pretty controlling and thinks the worst of everyone, except Cosmo, Poof and Timmy.

She is a fairy with pink swirly hair and pink eyes. She usually wears a ratty yellow shirt, and gold earrings. She has the typical crown, wand, and wings.

Fun Facts

  • Wanda never wants to disappoint anyone.
  • Wanda expects to be perfect.
  • She is love blinded by Cosmo and never likes to admit he's wrong.
  • She likes to sing, even though she sounds like a dying horse.
  • She is very rule driven, which she was shocked to find out Cosmo never completed school.
  • She isn't too bright.
  • She is similar to Candace from Phineas & Ferb, Petunia Dursley from Harry Potter, Lori & Loki in the Loud House, a dumber Kendall in Kick Buttowski, and Mrs. Turner, Timmy's dafty mom.