Wanda Venus Fairywinkle is the counterpart of Anti-Wanda.

 Character Info:

Wanda is Poof's mom. She is a good mother and a loyal wife to Cosmo. Though she can be naggy and demanding, she cares about her son and husband a lot. Alongside Cosmo, she was Timmy and Chloe's fairy godmother and was often the level-headed one who warned Timmy about breaking Da Rules.


Wanda is the exact opposite of Anti-Wanda. While Anti-Wanda's carefree and naive, Wanda's demanding and strict. She isn't the smartest, but she's way more intelligent than Cosmo. She commonly corrects others on their mistakes.


  • She is very protective.
  • She used to side with Jorgen before knowing his true colors.
  • She likes cooking, but isn't too good at it.
  • She is often called a nag by Cosmo.
  • She is somewhat over-protective of Poof and Goldie.
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